Angela Carter

This isn’t so much a post on Angela Carter as a note to self. In addition to the reading I’m doing for this project, I’m reading a nonfiction book called How To Be A Heroine: Or What I’ve Learned From Reading Too Much by Samantha Ellis. The entire book’s about the way that fiction influenced her life and her work. And in the very first chapter, she mentions Angela Carter. I did the bad comedian face-palm, and said out loud, “Angela Carter! How could I forget Angela Carter?”

The thing is…I read Angela Carter before I knew what genre was. (I learned in college when I met Kevin J. Anderson, and I finally understood why some people only went to certain sections of the bookstore.) So, Angela Carter fans, please let me know if she has a book of short stories out there, and most importantly for this project, if any of them are science fiction.

Thank you!

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