“Even the Queen,” by Connie Willis

I’ll be honest: “Even the Queen” is not my favorite Connie Willis story, but it is an important Connie Willis story, written (according to Connie’s afterword in The Best of Connie Willis) because she was told at a feminist sf convention she doesn’t write about women or women’s issues. (Yeah, I was told the same thing, even though I do write about women’s issues—only I do so in my mystery fiction, which apparently the folks making those comments hadn’t read.)

Anyway, she wrote “Even the Queen” as an answer to that, and it is the ultimate sf story about the ultimate woman’s issue. I suspect I’ll end up using this story because it’s memorable, because it’s short, and because it’s powerful. It also won the Hugo for best short story in 1993.

I’m still going to read a few other Willis stories, though, to see if I can find something (relatively short) that I like better. But this is one damn fine story, and I can’t go wrong including it.


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