Adventurous Pulpy Women happen to love Asgard Press’s Vintage Science Fiction Wall Calendar. We get it every year. Since I started editing the women in sf project, I’ve been quite sensitive to images of women and stories by women from the past. 

I turned the page on the 2015 Calendar to October, and found this image, from Planet Stories, May, 1943. The artist is George Rozen. Note that the story being highlighted at the bottom of the cover is by the great Leigh Brackett. Yeah, there were no women in sf before the 21st century. And if there were, they had to hide. Yeah, right. (Not)

Note how strong the woman in this image is. She’s fighting alongside the guy—and he’s the one who is nearly naked. 🙂

If you love old sf, you’ll love the Asgard Press Calendars. 2016 just became available. Get it before it’s sold out!

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