Tanith Lee

This morning, I heard that Tanith Lee passed away. I’m quite sad about it. Tanith was one of my favorite writers. I bought her work for Pulphouse and The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. I’d been thinking of contacting her for a new project next year. I also knew I’d be contacting her for the reprint projects, because no survey of great stories in the field would be complete without one of hers.

I will, of course, include her stories. But now I won’t get her marvelously witty letters with any correspondence we did, or be the first person (outside of her regular draft readers) to see a new manuscript. What an amazing writer. What a loss to the field.

If you’re unfamiliar with her work, check out the obituary in Locus Magazine from this morning. And go read something of hers to remember her by.

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