Mid-July Thoughts

I’m getting deep into this project, and as I explore my options, I find myself growing frustrated. Frustrated at the stories lost and not reprinted anywhere that I can find. Frustrated at the amount of excellent material, most of which I cannot use (due to word count) and most of which deserve to be in the volume. Frustrated at the misconceptions about the past.

I have just gone over the 1990s Hugo lists, and year after year, I see that women dominated the categories. Women, who, according to many younger writers, do not write science fiction. Most of these stories haven’t been reprinted anywhere that I can find, because by the 1990s, the annual Hugo Awards volumes were no longer being published. Many of the stories never made it into the year’s best volumes. And to my surprise, many of the authors never included these stories in their short story collections.

So let me put this out there. It’s just a thought at the moment, but tell me your response: If I cut off the research arbitrarily at the year 2000, would anyone object? Yes, lots of great stories have been published this century, but many (most?) of those writers are still producing material. My other cut-off is 2010. I’d rather have older material than recent material. Plus, I need to wrap my arms around the first book somehow, and I need some arbitrary limits.

What say you folks? (If any of you are still here after my long deadline and travel hiatus.) Please let me know what you think.

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