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As I mentioned in the overall post for this site, I’m doing several women in science fiction projects. The first to appear is this Storybundle. It features a number of the women whose work I’ve discussed on this site, and some women whose work I will get to.

Here you’ll find excellent science fiction novels by Vonda N. McIntyre, Nancy Kress, Linda Nagata, Catherine Asaro, Judith Tarr, and Jody Lynn Nye. The bundle also includes a pile of award-winning short stories and novellas from Cat Rambo, me, and a dozen other authors in an anthology edited by Janis Ian and our token guy, Mike Resnick.

For those of you who have never seen a Storybundle before, it works like this. You can set your own price for the ebooks available here. If you pay as little as $5, you will receive five books. If you pay $15, you’ll receive all of the books in the bundle. You can also donate to one of three different charities, including to a scholarship fund administered by the charity started by singer/songwriter Janis Ian. The Pearl Foundation establishes scholarships at various institutions. Since this website is all about knowledge, I think you might want to consider donating there.

I think of this as the ultimate fannish bundle. In addition to the books here, you’ll get an MP3 of Janis Ian’s song “Welcome Home,” which she wrote for her stint as Toastmistress of the Nebula Awards. You’ll get a deconstructed lyric sheet as well, but I suggest listening first and seeing if you recognize most of the stories she mentions. If not, then you have even more reading ahead of you. Click here and head on over.


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