Sisters of the Revolution

Most of the women in sf anthologies were published in the 20th century. As I embarked on this project, I saw a lot of magazine work—Lightspeed’s women-only issues come to mind—but few anthologies. I didn’t realize that Ann and Jeff VanderMeer had this anthology in the works.

Sisters of the Revolution: A Feminist Speculative Fiction Anthology has a traditional women-only point of view, that is the stories must also be feminist in their point of view. I know that both attracts some readers and turns others off. The volumes I’ll be doing won’t have that requirement. I’ve got something else in mind entirely—which is good. That makes for diverse anthologies.

Many of the stories in Sisters of the Revolution are favorites of mine. In fact, as editor of Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine, I bought the first story in the volume. (And published it in 1990, not 1980, like the notes say. I wasn’t that precocious as an editor.) There are several stories that I haven’t read here and I look forward to reading.

I’m mentioning the volume on this site because I figure folks who come here would be interested in seeing what else is being done on the women in sf front. If I see more things, I’ll pass them along. This anthology seems to have a very low profile, which I find unusual for the work that Ann and Jeff do. Perhaps that’s because it came from a Kickstarter and a small press. So here’s a bit of consciousness raising (sorry: inside joke for my 1970s feminist friends) or upping the bandwidth (for the rest of you).

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