Spanish Women of Wonder

I love this new world of publishing. And I do mean “world.” The changes in publishing have enabled a number of new projects to come into existence. One that’s struggling to be born is this one, from Spain. 

It’s a Kickstarter. I know very little about the people who are trying to fund the project, but from a distance, it looks worthwhile. I have backed it. I hope you consider backing it as well.

Here’s what they say about the anthology:

We are seeking your help to bring our anthology to the English-speaking world. Eleven amazing science fiction stories that should be known and read beyond Spanish-speaking borders!

Last December, editors Cristina Jurado and Leticia Lara gathered ten wonderful science fiction stories written in Spanish by very talented women. We got more than 200 stories from female authors from 12 countries, and we selected 10 for this project. Brilliant Argentinian author Angélica Gorodischer very graciously offered one of her own great stories to be part of Spanish Women of Wonder (“Alucinadas”, in Spanish!) and the fantastic Ann VanderMeer wrote the best foreword ever. We already have a professional translator, specialized in science fiction and fantasy, engaged to start the project.

When we achieve our target, we will be able to translate and publish the anthology.

I don’t know about you, but I would love to read the anthology. Here’s an easy link: Go take a peek. 🙂

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