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As I mentioned in the overall post for this site, I’m doing several women in science fiction projects. Although, really, that’s not entirely accurate. I’m doing women in sf/f genre work. That includes women in fantasy.

One of the most successful projects I’ve done so far was a Women in Science Fiction Storybundle, which used ebooks to introduce readers to writers they might not have heard of. That bundle succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. So, I decided to do a second bundle. This one is called (somewhat unoriginally) Women in Fantasy. Ten books by (or edited by) some truly marvelous women.

For those of you who have never seen a Storybundle before, it works like this. You can set your own price for the ebooks available here. If you pay as little as $5, you will receive five books. If you pay $15, you’ll receive all of the books in the bundle. Click here to go to the website.

One of the best features of Storybundle is the way that the authors in the bundle work together to introduce their fans to new writers. The other cool thing about Storybundles is that when you buy the books, you can also donate to charity. For this bundle, we’ve chosen a scholarship fund including to a scholarship fund administered by the charity started by singer/songwriter Janis Ian. The Pearl Foundation establishes scholarships at various institutions. Since this website is all about knowledge, I think you might want to consider donating there.

I’m really proud of this bundle. It contains work by writers I’ve read for decades, like Katharine Eliska Kimbriel and P.N. Elrod, and works by writers who have embarked on their fantasy writing careers in the past few years, like Leah Cutter and Leslie Claire Walker. And for those of you who worry that there are no men included here, well, that’s not entirely true, because the anthology, Hex in the City, edited by Kerrie L. Hughes, includes some marvelous male voices along with the female ones.

The women in the bundle will guest blog here over the next few weeks, discussing why they read and write sf and fantasy.

If you already have these books, then please consider sharing this bundle with your friends. (You can also buy the bundle as a gift. The information is on the website.)

I love this bundle. The fantasy novels here run the gamut of light to dark, high to urban, series and nonseries. I think you’ll enjoy every single book. I know I did.


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