Reclaiming Her Story


As I sat down on the eve of the official publication date of Women of Futures Past, I am filled with mixed emotions. I’m pleased the book is finally out. I did a lot of work to find the right stories for the volume. I was thwarted in some instances by estates or by the administrators of … Continue reading

Women of Futures Past


The first anthology in what I hope will become a series of anthologies has just become available for preorder. Women of Futures Past contains some (not even close to all!) of the stories I would love to teach in my science fiction writing classes. Women of Futures Past now has a publication … Continue reading

Here We Go Again

Apparently, BBC Radio 4 recently declared that men write alternate history, not women. Where does this stuff come from? Fortunately, Shannon Selin wrote a blog post to set the record straight. Head on over for some good reading. (And full disclosure, she listed one of my novels, which is how I … Continue reading

A Request

A lot is happening behind the scenes for Women of Futures Past, the book that started this website. Baen is going to invest in some serious marketing on this, so we're getting ready to do that. One thing I want to do is send advance reader copies (ARCs) to places that ran articles stating … Continue reading

Guest Blog by Leah Cutter

Our final guest blog associated with the Women in Fantasy Storybundle comes from Leah Cutter. Like some of the other writers this past week, Leah published her first novel, Paper Mage, in this century. The novel, set in T'ang dynasty China, immediately received a starred review from Booklist. Leah … Continue reading